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Issue 002+ featuring Emani Harris is out now! Read Digital Version (available 9.30) Get Print…

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Issue 002+ Cover Feature: Emani Harris of Pish Posh Apparel

Meet Emani Harris, the energetic mind behind Pish Posh. She has been on the grind…

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Lee Harris LHXP Review

Lee Harris is an R&B performance purist, giving the classic flavor from past legends with…

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Read Digital Version of Issue 002+



In refreshing break from what could be called “piano trap” that has permeated the Philly…


A Mind of his own @theo_dolce is all-around in the studio. He’s an artist, producer, engineer,…


From the humble beginnings of an iPad and a few editing apps to creating promotional…


Meshing her interpretations of soul, pop, punk, and trap, Regothereshego hits streaming services and live shows…


Read Digital Version of Issue 002+

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