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Are Airpods Worth It?

We’re all noticing the frenzy over Apple’s overpriced wireless contraptions. Though the cutting of wires within sound equipment has been going on for the past decade, it only took a new iPhone and some Twitter memes to bring it in front of us.

Even the terms earphones and earbuds sound a bit clunky at this point. The stigma for their wired devaluation is approaching slowly but surely. Their prices are still unmatched though.

Honestly, not everyone has musical libraries that are actually worth listening through a $149 device. Regardless of the pocket depth, plenty would rather just rotate their playlist of top 40 singles in peace. Some could just be satisfied with their ancient wired earphones. Maybe it’s just fiscally responsible not to follow the trend. All of this is possible, but it ultimately sounds like broke boy excuses.

Initially, the idea of walking around with a bluetooth earpiece sounded like a farfetched version of what Motorolla tried back in the day. While our bougie uncles and aunties may have loved them, it just didn’t stick like tried-and-true wires. Plus, unlike the wireless beats headphones, there would be no way to keep them in your possession very long. Apple seemed crazy for about a month or two. Then, it hit.

Word got out that airpods were in fact, not hard to keep, sound great, and synchronize with the rest of your iProducts quite easily. The price tag was the last hurdle for the pods to advance. There was no drop in price. People that bought airpods simply just argued that they could use them to look down on those without. The pompous attitude that sounded this debate led to extreme occurences of FOMO throughout social media.

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An edited quote from TV-show and meme goldmine Loiter Squad made its way onto the timeline within no time. “It smells like broke in here!” screamed Earl. From that point, the nationwide quest to obtain elite ear status began.

Months afterward, many are proudly boasting their technological treasures. But it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. The world is otherwise still very wire-dependant. This one hands-free freedom likely won’t make a difference until wireless charging gains it’s long awaited virality. In the meantime, Apple just announced V2 of the airpods. They feature longer battery, longer range, and a wireless charging case. We’ll just have to keep playing the waiting game until we get the futuristic wireless experience we’ve been dreaming of.

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