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Fly Rich Double has Coors Light for everyone! [ALBUM REVIEW]

In a room full of Jordan 1s and the captain’s finest cognac, Fly Rich Double offers an ice cold beer. The Mississippi native earned his cowboy boots last year with the viral video for “On My Tractor”. The outrageous concept of trap drums and bold country-themed lyrics had us slapping our knees hooting and hollering. Could this be country rap? It eventually gained the genre title of Hick-Hop. From there Fly Rich Double got to cooking. After wrangling up a fanbase online, he thought it would only be fit to release The Hickhop Album. 

This release ironically landed smack dab in the middle of the viral meme/record “Old Town Road” and all of its acclaim. Though similar in genre, Fly Rich has differentiated himself by being a full time country boy building a sweet catalogue of these sort of songs. 

"When I die, bury me under a bail of hay"

“Big Boom” was a huge standout from the project. The track is one smooth farm-loving melody. He references plowing fields, hitting the “honky tonk” and of course ice cold beer. It just makes you want to sit back and chew some tobacco on a hot summer day. 

Another big moment on this 22-minute album is “Mounted Up”. Fly Rich really got off on this one. His accent is heavy as hell and so is the beat. Any owner of a Ford truck would appreciate “Mounted Up”. Towards the end he even finds a pocket to get some real bars off before the abrupt ending. Honestly it was a mistake to make this song so short, there definitely wasn’t enough time to finish my beer. 

A few times during the album it is somewhat difficult to tell if Fly Rich is intentionally over saturating the comedic aspect or if that’s just lyrical style. Especially in the intro and outro of this record, the meme sliders are waaay up in comparison with the other songs. However, on “Big Bad Cowboy” he finds the perfect formula. From the first second, he sounds just as keyed in as he did on “Yup On My Tractor”. Its reminiscent of some older Ugly God tracks: short, sweet, and straight to the punch. 

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Overall, The Hickhop Album is something that we may not see anything close to for a while. Every second of these songs are a step into left field. It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it’s surprisingly vivid! Hopefully Fly Rich Double doesn’t slow down his tractor any time soon. 

Stream the album below:

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