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Philly Fashion Week’s Final Form – RUNWAY 1 & 2

The first official runway of Philly Fashion Week came near the end on Friday. As everyone was already blown away from the night before, the space had been reignited for a high fashion experience. The tone was set with reflective hair streamers on the female models 

Suede Square was an overload of exciting textures for show-stopping formal looks. Their lines also looked to be the warmest with several fall layers including some fur. Looks that icy definitely should have you bundled up. 

Lola J had several bright and flowy looks for women that looked perfect for a long awaited vacation. The shiny greens and blues screamed tropics and the only thing missing was a few palm trees. 

Mind of Cool Rumors came back for a second wind. This time with more accessories and a more graceful approach.

Mind of Cool Rumors was followed by Jenny Lee Maas, which featured several wavy designs based on “vibrant sound patterns”. They were seen in underwear, shorts, sweatpants, dresses. 

One of the true highlights of both nights was Paragon Charisma, another local brand, a theme that was consistent among all the events. Paragon Charisma specializes in raw selvage denim, everything from jeans to hand-stitched bomber jackets embroidered with western motifs.

The final show, Runway 2 was kicked off by, Conrad Booker who shattered expectations with his unconventional sci-fi looks. He combined things like swimming goggles, bundles, aluminum, feathers, several wild prints, and a motorcycle helmet. Most of his models wore ominous metallic masks just to drive the point home.

Yasmine Ings was another standout with her blinding set of silver and golds. Her light green crocodile print bubble jacket and pants were easily the best I’ve ever seen. Speaking of blinding, Sew Elevated was the holder of another all-women line featuring dazzling outfits for every point of poppin lifestyle. 

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GH Luxury Lingerie came later with the only appearance of lingerie that week. They seamlessly mixed women’s wear with lingerie in an all black fashion. This led us to the headliner, Brittany Deshields, a Philly based hot girl designer. Her models were dressed as elite cowgirls of a powerful feminine future. Some of the looks were like a rodeo in the world of Megan Thee Stallion.

Philly Fashion Week united the creative community of this city, bringing looks and an unparalleled energy. Models, designers, and artists assembled and brought something truly unique to what could have otherwise been uneventful runway shows.

By Joshua Winters Photos By Will Stickney

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