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4VR Reaches a new level with Ghostown (ALBUM REVIEW)

Philly duo 4VR has been cooking up for a while now. This year has been particularly productive for them with the release of both a mixtape and an EP along with a few singles. The new EP Ghostown, is a sonic continuance of their recent vibe, trimming the fat for a brief and powerful experience.

Ghostown begins slowly with the bittersweet “Fa So La Ti”. It sounds like the soundtrack to a beautiful psychedelic breakup. For a first time listener of 4VR, this really sets the tone for both the EP and their entire discography. Their autotuned chemistry brings in all of the futuristic feels.

Moving forward with “Kryptonite”, an even more gloomy record referencing the destructive energy of a relationship gone bad. This one is over a simpler instrumental which helps to guide 4VR and featured artist Rubber’s 808s & Heartbreak style of singing. While extremely nostalgic, “Kryptonite” can definitely be a tear jerker if played in the right setting.

“Laugh It Off” is a different feeling all together. Opening with a monologue from The Joker (the Heath Ledger Joker), this song powers through the twisted realities of life. They mention themes like dropping out of school, beating opposition, and giving 100% in several different pitches.

Though this EP starts off pretty dark, 4VR isn’t afraid to lighten the mood with a bop. “Last Choice” is a bouncy way to reminisce of arguments while appreciating a new beginning. The lyrics of this story and super catchy hook make this song fairly easy to visualize while you dance along.

After a short interlude, Ghostown comes to a close with “Episode” featuring a sick guest performance from CJ Mills. “Episode” easily has the best instrumental on the project with it’s mix of dreamy guitar playing and hard hitting drums towards the end. Just like every other feature 4VR has done, CJ is seamlessly brought into their world to fulfill the idea completely.

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Ghostown is a trippy concept brought to life and a strong effort to define the 4VR sound. As a whole, you can hear their progression from only months ago. 4VR is accelerating fast and it’s due to continuously executing these cool ideas. As a fan, I hope they continue this progression and gradually move toward even more unique sounds. Their obvious appreciation for the G.O.O.D music tree is thrilling, but this project is proof that the prime 4VR sound is still in the works and their musical intricacies have serious potential.

Stream the Ghostown EP below.

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