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What It Was Like: Xavier Omar Hot Javi Tour (RECAP)

Thursday December 5, Xavier Omar brought his Hot Javi Tour to Philadelphia with the support of New Haven artist Kyle Dion. Though Xavier’s tour had been the perfect move to begin the Winter, Philly fans were conflicted due to their love for Summer (Walker), who was having a show at the same time just minutes away.

Arriving right on time, it was clear that this was no ordinary crowd at The Foundry. The energy in the room screamed “bring on the R&B”. As a medley of bangers from our new R&B legends played in the background, the crowd filled to the front with excitement.

After accomplishing a quick setup, the band assembled on stage and started playing. Out came Kyle Dion looking focused as ever. His studded cheetah print jacket sparkled in the light as he assured everyone that it was time to jam!

Though he is still fairly new to the game, Kyle looked as if he had been rocking shows for over a decade. Immediately girls were screaming his name from the front to the back of the audience. Kyle took a short break for hydration mid-set and came back with a fan favorite, “Cherry Blossom” which caused an eruption.

He continued his hot streak with a few covers including Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna”. Honestly, contestants on vocal performance shows should be grateful they aren’t competing against what he did with that song.

Towards the end, the drummer who is also a Philly native came through with both a sick solo and a bottle of Hennessy presented to Kyle. After the stage cleared, it was quiet. Those who were standing had their heads on a swivel and everyone in seats were on the edge. It was time for Xavier.

The room went dark and a dramatic introduction ensued. A recording of radio DJ, Little Bacon Bear introducing him played in the background. Suddenly the new band began jamming out until he appeared on stage. Like Kyle, Xavier Omar was also ultra-hype and ready to dance.

Photos by Nabrayah Jones

When he got into the song “Just Get Here”, it was an excellent blend of soul-touching bars and flat out beautiful singing. Though this was a stage smaller than he was used to, Xavier did not hold back at all. During “Deep End”, another Sango collaboration, he pulled the crowd in closer. Everyone was glued to the performance, staring in awe.

Following a slow jam tangent, Xavier and his band brought back an even bigger bounce. There was even a momentary exchange of positions where the drummer got up to sing the classic “Candy Rain” while Xavier backed him on drums. Later it got even more interesting when a fan was brought up to the stage for winning a cover challenge for the song “What They Do”. She joined the performance and sang in perfect harmony with Xavier.

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One of the best moments of the night had to be during “Afraid”. There was just a collective eyes-closed head nod between the band and the crowd the whole time. It was definitely an emotional experience. At the end, Xavier gave a speech urging people to be unafraid of the feelings of love and to keep love alive.

Thanks to RCA Records for allowing us to cover the show.

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